• "Timano-Pechorskaya Gasovaya Kompaniya " Ltd.

    Oil and gas project


    Location of "TPGK" Ltd.

  • 12 license areas

    Assets of "TPGK" Ltd.

  • More than 1 trillion m3 of gas

    Resource potential of "TPGC" Ltd

About company

The company has a large resource potential and intends to effectively implement the investment program. The main strategic goal of "TPGK" is to ensure the growth of hydrocarbon reserves and the subsequent cost-effective production. The company intends to take a leading position among similar specialized enterprises of the Komi Republic, and to become reliable partners for them.

Current portfolio of assets includes 12 licenses

Inta condensate field | Kozhimskiy condensate field | Levogrubeyyuskiy | East Lemvinskiy | Lemvinskiy | Ankudinskiy | Parmayuskiy | North Kozhimskiy | Verhnelemvinskiy-1 | Verhnelemvinskiy-2 | Grubeyuskiy | West Intinskiy

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